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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Celebrate Earth Day

Okay, is Wednesday and it is time to check in...

1. In honor of Earth Day, what is something you're going to do to be GREEN today, this week, this year??
2. What was your greatest victory this week?
3. What was your greatest challenge?
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dhimas130184 said...

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Erin said...

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the lovely weather this week. :)
1. Something I'm going to do to be green is to change our lightbulbs to more efficient ones, we've repaired a few screens so this summer we can us the windows more & the AC less & look into more earth friendly cleaning products.
2.My greatest victories this week are that I got back on track! No more Easter candy for me, I've run 20 miles since our last weigh in and I've eaten 4 fruits/veggies every day. So I'm down 5 lbs since last week, although a lot of that was water, I think.
3. My greatest challenge this week was getting back into the mindset that I didn't need the candy, the snack before bed, the stop at Handels, etc.
Good luck for a great week, everyone! Hopefully spring comes back tomorrow, to stay!

Tawnya said...

1. In honor of Earth Day, what is something you're going to do to be GREEN today, this week, this year??
I am trying to make little changes in my life, such as my cleaning products and using cloth bags for groceries
2. What was your greatest victory this week?
Not going crazy eating at Logan's b-day party
3. What was your greatest challenge?
Drinking water. I don't know why I have such a problem with this. Sometimes its 2 o clock before I realize I haven't drank a thing.

Bobbie said...

1. well, i am continuing to use my Shaklee products. I just love them. (need to order soon heather)
plus ! try not to waste light wtaer etc all the time. I also teach Gary about litter and it being wrong.
2. No weightloss, but ran on the Ellyptical this week. have to start refocusing when eating.
3. Staying eating healthy. I feel so busy lately that I don't eat till 1pm and then binge on junk or whatever is in reach.

HealthyMahma said...

Erin- You're amazing, running so far! Woo hoo!! 1/2 marathon here you come!
Also, I will e-mail you about how you can get $50 in free Shaklee Get Clean products!

Tawnya- Let me know when you want to come pick up your products!

Bobbie- E-mail me your order, we can plit shipping! They have a 244loads box of laundry soap and if we split shipping, it will be much cheaper! (I'll e-mail you!)

HealthyMahma said...

Girls- Sorry it has taken me SO long to answer my own questions!

1. Something I have done to be more green was I cancelled all junk mail, credit card offers, etc. Yay for less trash!

2. My greatest victory this week was running 5 miles in 41:57 minutes! It is still too slow to place in any race, but I am happy because I am getting faster!

3. I stopped nursing Moriah, so I can't eat as much. This has been a challenge because I am used to getting to eat around 1800-2000 calories! :( I have to change my thinking!

Have a wonderful week, girls!!

Bobbie said...

Heather why have you stopped nursing moriah? Something wrong? Cara went a whole day the other day and she didn't nurse at all I thought she was maybe self weaning. Nope she was right back at it yesterday.

I have decided to go back to the weight watcher meetings, i need the embarrassment factor of not losing or gaining in front of people. Sad it takes all that for me but really seriously I have NO CONTROL anymore.